About Us

A community interest company

ICDE Homes is a Community Interest Company (CIC). This means that any surplus income we generate we re-invest back into the community. This, in turn, means that any profit from our services goes back to provide more homes and support for our tenants. This model allows us to focus on the wellbeing of our tenants, keeps properties maintained, and secures the long-term security of the housing we offer.


A supportive service

Our services operate within a strong legal framework that exists alongside local authorities and charitable organisations. We help to reduce the pressure on local authority resources, offering a viable alternative to expensive private sector temporary accommodation. As well as being expensive the accommodation offered through the private sector can often be inappropriate, poor-quality and ultimately counterproductive for vulnerable people.


A professional and compassionate team

Our team of experienced professionals work with other service providers to help our clients find stability and permanence, allowing them the time and space to overcome personal challenges and develop new skills. This has benefits not only for the individual themselves, but also for society as a whole.


A unique journey

Every individual is unique and every journey is unique. Once we receive a referral from a local authority, charity or via direct contact we meet with the prospective tenant to discuss their particular needs and requirements. If we can confirm that we can help, then a property will be found for them and a date to move in agreed. 

We can then help the individual with any necessary benefit claims, discuss the support that’s needed and ensure that any property they’re allocated is furnished appropriately. A tenancy agreement will be drawn up clearly setting out the responsibilities of ICDE Homes and the standards of behaviour we expect from our tenants. 

A full inventory and tenancy checklist will be taken prior to the keys being handed over and the new tenant moving in.


Investment partners

To deliver our services we work with large level private sector investors. These are usually institutional investors who are investing in property portfolios with the intention of providing accommodation for the most vulnerable and needy groups within our society. 

This investment is already being used to alleviate pressure on local authority finances while providing a better and more secure service for those most in need. This visionary approach is helping people take a step to a more stable life, one in which they reach their goals, fulfill their potential and become independent.

At ICDE Homes, we are passionate about ensuring that as many people as possible who need our services can benefit from them.

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