Support Services

Many people in vulnerable groups have complex support needs. We provide meaningful support for our clients through discussion, exploring how we can provide tailored help with their life skills. We don’t just want our clients to manage in the here and now, we explore their abilities and help them formulate future goals.

Because our clients have a stable residential environment the effectiveness of the support we provide is increased. We work to promote a positive cycle of goal setting, personal empowerment and growth that delivers real results for the individual. 

Once a referral is accepted, a prospective client will be invited to a meeting with an assigned support worker. Here we’ll assess their individual needs and plan a range of activities that could be beneficial. 


What support can be provided?

We can offer a wide range of personalised services and activities. These might include:

  • Budgeting support
  • Help with applications for training
  • Benefit claims
  • Interview skills and preparations
  • Practical household skills such as cooking, cleaning and minor repairs
  • Interpersonal skills training
  • Confidence training
  • Support with long-standing personal issues such as addictions, neglect and drug abuse
  • Independent living support


How are referrals made?

Our client referrals usually come from local authorities, charities, probation, health and voluntary sector organisations. Individuals can also contact us directly.

We talk with each individual and mutually agree on a programme of tailored support that can develop and evolve over time. 

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