Who we help

Every individual we work with is unique. Their story is personal to them, and although we and other service providers work with a broad set of categories that help us to understand the issues they may face, few people fully belong to any of them. Many people will face multiple issues that make life more challenging, others will be struggling with something very particular.

At ICDE Homes, we use the following categories to identify the groups for whom we provide accommodation and support, while at the same time recognising that some people in need of our help don’t clearly fit into them.

Through a process of discussion we assist people at challenging times in their lives with the most appropriate accommodation and support package to help them get back on their feet.


Homelessness and rough sleeping

A key target group are people without a permanent home and those who sleep rough. Often homelessness has complex causes and we work to support people back into more structured and settled environments.


Temporary accommodation

The number of people living in temporary accommodation has continued to rise, year on year across England, with the government’s own Public Accounts Committee calling it a “national crisis”. Those in temporary accommodation form part of the hidden homeless population, those who may not be sleeping rough, but whose lifestyles are transitory and challenging.

Sofa-surfing, sleeping on floors, moving in and out of bed and breakfast accommodation can all make it difficult to sustain employment and build relationships. We help people move from temporary into permanent accommodation.


Fleeing domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is all too common, with thousands of individuals and families finding themselves trapped in abusive and sometimes dangerous situations. We help people fleeing domestic abuse to find security and rebuild their confidence after taking the hugely brave and challenging step to flee.


Former offenders

Often misunderstood and facing a distinct set of challenges, former offenders can find it incredibly difficult to rebuild their lives in the outside world. Stable accommodation and tailored support with jobs and training can make a radical difference to their chances of success. With around 50% of those released from imprisonment reoffending within 12 months, stable supported accommodation can help prevent a revolving door back to the prison system.


Younger adults with learning disabilities

Young people with learning disabilities can often find it difficult to secure supported accommodation to help them lead independent lives. With a lack of appropriate accommodation available many are left living with parents and care-givers or find themselves in inappropriate circumstances. Left without support many find it impossible to build any kind of independent life.


Older adults with learning disabilities

As with younger adults, there is a shortage of appropriate accommodation and support for older adults with learning disabilities. ICDE Homes aims to meet some of this need.

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